Ways to Give

How you can give?

Diverse Ways to Support

Explore various options to support The Brent Shapiro Foundation and The Charitable Giving Center. Your generosity helps us continue our vital work in substance abuse prevention and support.

Stock Donation

Donating stock to Brent Shapiro Foundation supports their mission and offers potential tax benefits for you.

Wire Funds / ACH Payments

Easily support our mission by sending donations directly through wire transfers or ACH payments.

In-Kind Donations

Support The Brent Shapiro Foundation and The Charitable Giving Center with in-kind donations like artwork, cars, real estate, and collectibles.

Supporting the charitable programs of The Brent Shapiro Foundation and The Charitable Giving Center need not be in the form of a direct financial contribution. If you want to make a charitable gift, consider appreciated property. Whether you donate artwork, cars, boats, real estate, aircraft, comic books, coins, sports memorabilia, antique furniture or a collector car, as well as any other in-kind charitable donations you will qualify for a generous tax break while The Brent Shapiro Foundation and The Charitable Giving Center can convey the benefits of your donation to those in need.

We can also do all of the work for you! Through the cooperative efforts of many experts and charity minded professionals we will be able to provide easy access to those individuals with expertise in every field to provide accurate valuations as needed to simplify the process. We are your one stop source for the easiest way to maximize the financial and charitable benefit from your contributions. From start to finish, acquisition, transportation, valuation, delivery to BSF, and disposition you will be pleasantly surprised by our CONCIERGE donation services.

While many people think that donating appreciated property is just for wealthy people making large contributions and can be a valuable tool in both business and personal finance, CPAs typically agree that the concept can work equally well for modest and substantial donations alike. If you would like advice about this charitable giving opportunity, consult with your CPA.

Donating art, antiques and other collectible objects to Collectibles with Causes and the “With Causes” Charitable Network can provide you with possible benefits such as:

  • Avoidance of the tax on capital gains on appreciated assets.
  • An estate and gift tax deduction.
  • A lasting legacy with The Brent Shapiro Foundation and The Charitable Giving Center.
You will generally receive a higher income tax deduction if you donate an art object or collectible that has appreciated in value over the time you have owned it. This is called capital gain property. Generally, property is capital gain property if its sale at fair market value on the date of the contribution would have resulted in long-term capital gain. Capital gain property includes capital assets held more than one (1) year. The general rule is that you can usually deduct the full fair market value as of the date of the charitable contribution.

Capital gain property is any asset that has increased in value since you acquired it. When you sell capital gain property, you must pay taxes on the profits (capital gains). However, if you donate capital gain property to a qualified charity, you can generally deduct the fair market value of the property from your taxes without having to pay capital gains taxes.

Types of Property that Qualify as Capital Gain Property

  • Art: Paintings, sculptures, prints, antiques, and other works of art can all qualify as capital gain property.
  • Collectibles: Stamps, coins, baseball cards, and other collectibles can also qualify.
  • Cars: Cars, boats, and other vehicles can qualify as capital gain property if they are used for personal purposes and not for business.
  • Other tangible property: In some cases, other types of tangible property, such as jewelry, furniture, and real estate, can also qualify as capital gain property.