Brent’s Story

Who was

Brent Shapiro

Brent Shapiro was born to Robert and Linell Shapiro on November 7, 1980, in Los Angeles. His childhood bloomed in a warm home filled with love, friends, and family. A natural athlete, he found joy in sports, especially ice hockey.

Though his spirit was strong, Brent faced attention deficit disorder, for which he took Ritalin. As he grew, so did the challenges. In his teens, he encountered the pull of alcohol and drugs, turning youthful curiosity into a struggle. His parents, the Shapiros, supported him with rehab programs, and he emerged with hope.

Accepted into USC and shining on the dean’s list, Brent was a testament to change. For 18 months, he held onto sobriety. Yet, October 9th, 2005, marked a heartbreaking twist. At a party, Brent took shots of Jägermeister, had another one, and then decided to split an Ecstasy for some inexplicable reason. He became so ill and started to projectile vomit. It was agreed that he should just “sleep it off.” Early Sunday Morning, despite his efforts to rest, he passed away after aspirating.

In the hearts of those who knew him, Brent’s light continues to shine brightly, a cherished presence as a son, brother, and friend. His legacy lives on through the commitment of the foundation established in his honor, dedicated to the prevention of substance abuse so that no parent has to go through the pain of losing a child.